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I want to be IN YOUR CORNER at City Hall.


Will you join me in working to make our city better? 


Your involvement makes a difference. Here’s how you can help:



Simple fact: Campaigns cost money. Please consider making a financial contribution. Every bit helps! 

Only a contribution of $25 or less can be made in cash.

To donate by cheque or money order, send an email to and someone will be in touch to arrange for pick-up. Make cheques or money orders payable to Jamie Lowery Campaign. 

Or you can donate securely by Interac e-Transfer to  with only a few easy steps.

How to send money with Interac e-Transfer

To send an e-Transfer, log into your online or mobile banking app, click on "Interac e-Transfer", then follow their instructions on screen:

  1. Choose or add your recipient’s email or mobile number (

  2. Select "" from your new list

  3. Enter the dollar amount, plus a security question and answer.

  4. Make sure your security answer isn’t obvious and don’t share it in the online message, 

  5. Complete the transaction.

That’s all. Just make sure you safely share the security answer with us by email. Unfortunately we don't have Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit . Click here to learn more about security.

Campaign contributions

The Municipal Elections Act sets out the rules around campaign contributions. These rules apply to such things as what constitutes a contribution, who can – and cannot – make a contribution, and contribution limits. 


  • Contributions are not tax-deductible. 

  • Each Ontario resident can contribute up to $1,200 (from a personal account). 

  • The maximum total amount that an individual can give to candidates in the same jurisdiction is $5,000. 

  • Donations from corporations, businesses, unions, and organizations such as clubs, associations or ratepayers’ groups are not permitted.


Find out more information about contributions and donations here.  


Many hands make light work. And there are many tasks between now and Election Day. Want to go door-knocking? Make phone calls? Deliver yard signs? Help organize campaign events? 

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please send me an email.

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