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North Bay faces a number of challenges. Some of you have already shared your suggestions for improvement – everything from revitalizing our downtown, to making North Bay a community destination for sports, arts and culture. If even a fraction of your ideas were acted on, we’d have a more successful and vibrant City with a fun downtown and safe, clean neighbourhoods.


If you want to share your ideas with your municipal representatives, I’ll help you navigate the process. In fact, my goal is to make all City services much more approachable so we all have a say. I’ll also champion the best ideas – advocating non-stop for you, for our community. Together, we’ll work toward real solutions to the challenges we face.

Questions from the community

Challenge – Transparency

Challenge – Integrity

Challenge – Downtown

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Challenge – City-building

Challenge – Partnerships

Challenge – Representation

Challenge – Serving Seniors

Challenge – Sustainability

In Your Corner

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