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"Jamie was the person who kept people involved and understood what people were trying to achieve and fostered those outcomes.”

Brampton’s “SAFE CITY” was powered by volunteers and attached to the Municipality through Jamie Lowery’s leadership.

How do you get the magic of all these people participating?! You put Jamie Lowery in charge. He brings people together.

See Mayor Fennell's testimonial


"Jamie and I resonate when it comes to community and giving everybody a feeling of belonging. When people feel like they belong, they participate more in their community. That’s what builds strong and resilient communities.”

Hariett says she shares “common ground” with Jamie in their belief that ordinary people can make a difference in their community. For the past 25 years, Heritage Gardeners volunteers [±250 each year] have tended the waterfront flowerbeds. Before moving to North Bay, Jamie lead the City of Brampton in its bid to win a national award for Communities in Bloom, a competition to foster civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through citizen involvement.

See Hariett’s endorsement at the June 19th launch event.

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